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It feels good to feel good again! We’re passionate about helping others get healthy too. For decades, we struggled with our weight and dieted without success. But we learned to dial in our nutrition to lose weight and gain health. No diets, pills, wraps, or supplements. We ate six times a day and drank lots of water. Easy! What really matters is what and when you eat. Are you looking for health freedom?

weight loss & nutrition


Have you been patched? Experience a level of health and vitality that you've not experienced since your youth. Lifewave x39 patches activate your own stem cells using photo therapy. We're enjoying the many benefits of x39 including Rapid Pain Relief, Reduced Inflammation, Faster Recovery From Exercise, Enhanced Sports Performance, Improved Mental Clarity, Increased Energy and Vitality, Improved Skin Appearance, and more. 

pain relief & recovery

In Unlocating, we show how to create the life you desire. Sharing our life of freedom, including nine years on the road with our family of five, we reveal our grand adventures and epic failures, with hilarious side trips along the way. You will decide if you want to follow the Joneses or create your own path, and Unlocating will give you the jump start you need if you’re ready for a life of freedom. 

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questions? contact Allen & Margie Lundy here.

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