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Everyone wants to keep up with the Joneses, but what if the Joneses are miserable? What if they long for freedom, but they’re stuck keeping up appearances, simply because they are the Joneses? What if you are? What if you could create the life you want with the freedom you’ve been longing for? In Unlocating, Margie Lundy will show you how to take control of key areas and create the life you desire. Sharing her life of freedom, including nine years on the road with her family of five, Margie will reveal their grand adventures and epic failures, with some hilarious side trips along the way. You will learn about, and probably long for, the trailblazer tribe they found along the way. You will decide if you want to follow the Joneses or create your own path, and Unlocating will give you the jump start you need if you’re ready for a life of freedom. 

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