Monday, May 3, 2010

Here we go! Fulltime RVing.

Tonight is our last night in our driveway. Tomorrow, bright and early around the crack of noon we'll be heading out to see the world. The parts we can drive to that is. It's been a crazy couple of weeks getting everything wrapped up, having the auction, last minute details, etc, etc, etc but now its here. I wonder how funny it would be to play a joke on Margie and tell her I've changed my mind? Hehehe. I live vicariously like that and may have to do that just to watch her head explode. Course in the end I will ultimately lose that one so I'll just picture it in my mind instead. The next 4 weeks will be cram packed with as much whitewater kayaking as my body will handle. My son Josh (10) is nicely developing his kayaking skills and will take a couple of trips with me. Getting my kids involved in kayaking creates paddling buddies for life and is a great way to spend time. After these 4 weeks, who knows? We haven't planned that far ahead. Our plan is to have no plan. We'll leave when we leave and get there when we get there.

Your safety boater in a world of class V rapids.


Debi said...

As much as I would love for you guys to stay, I would hate for Margie's head to explode! Safe travels.

Richard said...

We’ve been camping as RVers for over 30 years. Over that period of time we have encountered some of the best and some the worst that RV living, and camping, has to offer, both part time and full time. We’ve enjoyed travel trailer camping and camping with a 5th wheel, family camping as well as just the two of us and even with all of that time spent on the road, we haven't grown tired of it. There’s so much to learn and to do and there really isn't anything we enjoy more than traveling to a campground that we've never been to before and see what’s there, and at the end of the day, come back to the comfort of own RV – our home away from home. When we look out of our windows, we see totally different surroundings to the home that we love while the inside is completely familiar, warm and welcoming.