Monday, March 15, 2010

Meet The Lundys

Hi, my name is Allen Lundy and I love God, my family and adventure, prioritized in that order. I love spending time outdoors and am an avid whitewater kayaker. The next hobby I plan to get serious about is backpacking. I'm a soon to be full time RVer and plan to spend a good bit of time in the back country.

I'm married to a beautiful and very awesome woman, Margie, who supports all my hobbies and is my personal photographer. She's very serious about her job. The fact that I risk my life means little to her in terms of capturing the "perfect shot." "Do it again, do it again" she'll shout from behind her well protected tripod. It all works out in the end with my adventures captured to perfection.

I'm also the father to 3 amazing adventurous kids, Josh, Lizzy and Matt. All 3 act and want to be like me and while I'm flattered, I'm not sure that's a good thing.

Josh (10) is very passionate about life. This kid can get excited about watching the grass grow. While it is sometimes hard to contain his passion you can be sure he'll be a blast to be around on any adventure. He lives life to the fullest and reminds me to do the same. Josh is the "fun guy" at any party. I love being around him because he is a constant reminder that life is short and is meant to be enjoyed.

Lizzy (10) is a sweet, gentle, lovable and beautiful little girl with just enough of a tomboy edge to give a best of both worlds relationship. She's all girl one minute and ready to go backpacking, hiking or kayaking the next. Soft and girly, yet ready to wrestle. Growing up with 2 brothers has given her the perfect amount of toughness that is balanced with the perfect amount of femininity. Hearing her laugh is one of the things I live for.

Matt (7) is, hhmm, what can I say about Matt? This boy cannot be described with a few sentences. He has a completely rotten and ornery shell with the kindest, most giving heart you will ever find. This kid is constantly getting into all sorts of mischief, testing every boundary before melting your heart with sweet, genuine innocence. He's the most giving person I've ever met. And the most rotten. There's very little middle ground with Matt, I either want to strangle him or hug him and it's usually a pretty even balance. :)

Margie is the family anchor. She keeps us all grounded and reasonably safe. She selflessly ensures all our needs are met. With the passion for adventure in this family we're always going off half prepared in our excitement only to find she's taken care of everything we've forgotten. I hate to think of what I'd do without her. She is the sane version of me. She realizes when I'm putting adventure ahead of safety and reins me and more importantly the kids back in. She does this with a healthy balance of encouragement and support.

That's us in a nutshell. Overall we're a pretty laid back family that makes friends quickly and enjoys staying active. We're blessed to be able to work from home and homeschool our kids. This lifestyle lends itself perfectly to living full time in our RV on the road. We are looking forward to meeting other people with similar values, goals and interests. We hope to get to know you if we don't already.

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Liz McCoy said...

YAY what a post....definitely can see your love for your family. You all are soo fun I can't wait to sty up to date with your wild and fun family adventures!!